Illumineye media players

Illumineye’s powerful media players are multimedia thin clients, designed for low-energy high-performance use right around the clock.

A range of dedicated media players – designed to perform, built to last

Illumineye media players are designed with the demands of digital signage in mind – powerful multimedia hardware that’s built by VXL – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin-client hardware. Featuring compact, lightweight designs, the Illumineye DS Suite media players include highly-capable dual / quad core processors and high-resolution, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K video, to deliver eye-catching and memorable multi-media presentations.


Energy efficient

VXL’s Illumineye media players are designed from the ground up to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly devices.

High-definition video

Full support for today’s demanding high-definition video requirements, including HD, Full HD and 4K displays, Illumineye media players perform flawlessly.

Digital audio

High-quality digital audio ensures that advertising displays and signage sound as good as they look.

24x7 operation

Our media players are designed for round-the-clock use – with no moving parts, heat is reduced and maintenance is minimal.

Linux dependability

The Gio 6 Linux operating system is optimised to deliver multimedia display advertising impeccably, dependably and securely.

Proven reliability

Our systems are used in hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide, across many sectors, including some of the world’s largest quick-service restaurants.

Low cost

Our media players are built with affordability in mind, benefitting from the economies of scale that can only be achieved by a world-leading manufacturer.

Remote management

Our media players are designed to be managed from anywhere – they could be in the same office or on the other side of the world.

720p HD media player

Compact and powerful – HD and digital audio

Illumineye IQ-L 720p HD media player

The 720p HD-capable IQ-L media player is a small form-factor device whose size belies its multimedia power. The IQ-L is designed for multimedia, able to drive dual displays and built on the powerful Intel Bay Trail platform. Dual core for dependable performance, with high-performance DDR3 memory that makes light work of even the most demanding of tasks.

Powerful 1080p & 4K media players

Built for high-performance full HD 1080p, 4K video and digital audio

Illumineye IQ-B series 1080p & 4K media players

The full HD 1080p and 4K-capable IQ-B series media players are compact devices that are built for the most demanding multimedia tasks. Supporting dual displays and built on the powerful quad-core processors, the IQ-B series are our high-performance digital signage devices. DDR3 memory and a processor that runs up to 2.4GHz make the IQ-B a high performer – while its fanless design ensures that it runs silently, no matter the demands made of it.

Built by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin-client computers

VXL’s Illumineye media players are based on our thin clients and designed to be managed remotely but operating more quietly, more reliably and at a lower cost than traditional desktop computers. Fanless design ensures silent operation, low-power consumption not only keeps costs down but also reduces heat – delivering a long life and dependable 24x7 operation.