Fusion privacy policy

This privacy policy relates to VXL Software's Fusion family of products. Confidentiality of user's personal and device data with Fusion management software.

User's personal and device data is used only for the purposes of device management in Fusion management software. They are not used for commercial prospecting purposes.

Details of user's device & personal data collected & used by Fusion management software, methods of collection & purpose of usage is described below.

Collection of end user device data

To enrol devices into the Fusion management software, the Enterprise/ IT Administrator User must provide personal information on the end users. This includes name and contact information, such as email or phone number. The end user’s contact information is used only for the purpose of enrolment of their devices.

As an essential part of a Fusion management software, up-to-date inventory information of the managed devices are collected into the Fusion management software database through the Fusion UEM agent software. The Enterprise/ IT Administrator User may also modify details of the devices, end users, and other related configuration items. This information (“Private data”) is owned by and the responsibility of the Enterprise/ IT Administrator User.

Private data collected by Fusion management software through Fusion UEM agent software includes hardware, software, security, applications and network details of the managed devices, such as, IMEI code, serial number, device manufacturer and model, network operator, and a list of known Wi-Fi networks. Fusion management software uses some of the device inventory information for unique device identification.

Some of the mobile device inventory information also includes end user’s approximate location, network country code, location area code, network operator, GSM cell ID.

Complete details of the collected inventory information is provided as part of the Fusion device manager software user guide documentation.

Fusion device management software may export or share private data to be used strictly for the purposes of providing, managing and developing the Fusion management software, such as debugging errors or generating statistical information like total number of devices per operating system.

Invitation for device enrolment to new users

From the Fusion management software, it is possible to invite new users to a enrol their devices. This means that the invited person gains access to the Fusion management software web application, and therefore, to all information regarding the users, end users and devices of the dite, including private data.

For invitation, an email address is required and optionally the name of the new user can be given. This information is used for sending an invitation letter, a possible reminder, and thereafter, for identification of the new user. After registering to the Service, the invited users will be bound to this policy.


Fusion management software is collectively being referred to all variants of this software including Fusion Pro, Fusion UDM Professional, Fusion UDM Premium, Fusion EMM and Fusion UEM