CloudDesktop OS – secure embedded Linux

CloudDesktop OS – secure embedded Linux

CloudDesktop OS, formerly known as LeTOS, powered thin clients are efficient and flexible – with enhanced functionality, hardened security and ZeroConfig ‘zero-touch’ configuration.

CloudDesktop OS - safety through security

CloudDesktop OS has been developed from the core up to be secure, with specially designed hardening for banking and financial sector usage. Corporate organisations also gain from the powerful security functionality of CloudDesktop OS. The highly compact and customised CloudDesktop OS, with its own in-built and secure certificate store, makes it a nigh-on impossible challenge for hackers and malware.

CloudDesktop OS - safety through security


USB device security

One of the biggest challenges to any business is leakage of data from the use of USB storage devices. Modern devices such as phones and cameras also pose a significant threat to the corporate infrastructure. CloudDesktop OS is equipped with a powerful and configurable USB Device Control Manager, enabling administrators to create USB device profiles which allow or deny USB devices using product and class IDs.

All CloudDesktop OS-powered devices are delivered with ZeroConfig, a simple-to-use and highly functional zero-onfiguration technology. ZeroConfig allows administrators to configure devices on boot, using a centrally located configuration file. The simple-to-use Windows-based ZeroConfig configuration tool makes the whole process a breeze.

Total control

All CloudDesktop OS thin clients are fully manageable, using Fusion DM management software. Every setting in the CloudDesktop OS operating system can be updated using tasks and templates – in addition to functions such as Wake-on-LAN, messaging and power-saving techniques.

Simple updates

CloudDesktop OS contains powerful but simple-to-use updating technology, allowing both OS and application updates to be delivered using Fusion DM management software. All updates to the OS, as well as applications, are provided in the form of downloadable patches and plugins – hugely reducing bandwidth usage. The CloudDesktop OS Repository allows IT staff to download and install new versions of applications, as well as older legacy versions.

Active directory or LDAP

CloudDesktop OS offers administrators the unique capability to link CloudDesktop thin clients to a corporate Active Directory or LDAP server. This allows IT staff to control the complete thin client – from power-on and authentication to single sign-on to the virtualisation infrastructure.


The CloudDesktop operating system includes administrator and user logins, held totally separate and each individually configurable. A highly flexible connection manager can deliver multiple connectivity options to users from a range of in-built clients: Citrix Receiver, Citrix PNAgent, VMware Horizon (PCoIP/Blast), FreeRDP (RDS compatible), RDesktop (legacy RDP), X11, VNC and more.

HDX compliance

CloudDesktop is fully Citrix HDX-certified, passing all the standards required by corporate enterprises, delivering stunning graphics performance from the Web, Flash and Skype for Business.

USB flexibility

Equipped with Fabulatech USB device support, CloudDesktop OS delivers the ability to use a vast range of USB devices within virtual desktop sessions. Additional support for Eltima USB Sharing over Network can also be obtained via the CloudDesktop OS Repository or technical support.

Imprivata OneSign

CloudDesktop OS is available with an optional security plugin from Imprivata, enhancing login authentication and security. Imprivata is a world-leading authentication technology