Fusion SecureDesktop – secure hybrid Windows in-office and remote homeworking

Fusion SecureDesktop provides secure, hybrid, remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows company owned desktop PC or laptop.

Fusion SecureDesktop – adapt quickly and easily to working in-office or at home

Work locations have been migrating from the traditional office, to people’s homes in order that users may work in isolated and safe environments. With employees now working from home indefinitely, via their work PC, having a secure and managed device is essential when accessing company apps and data. Fusion SecureDesktop provides a secure access environment to a company’s VDI framework, using the user’s company-owned desktop PC or laptop running Windows 10.


Secure in-office and homeworking for company-owned PCs

Fusion SecureDesktop provides secure remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows company-owned desktop PC or laptop. Users simply launch the Fusion SecureDesktop application to access their corporate environment including applications and data.

No disruption to the host operating system or applications

When Fusion SecureDesktop launches, the user is unable to access personal files and applications on their work PC. There is no possibility of anything moving from one environment to the other – and the host PC’s applications, settings and operating system are completely unaffected.

Easy and quick to deploy

Users simply need to install the Fusion SecureDesktop application, as they would any other. Once installed, it can be launched like any application – providing secure access to your corporate virtualised environment.

Perpetual licence – lifetime ownership

Fusion SecureDesktop comes with a perpetual licence, for lifetime ownership, rather than a ‘yet another’ monthly subscription. A perpetual licence eliminates recurring costs – other than any optional annual support agreements.

Highly Flexible

Fusion SecureDesktop is easily and quickly configurable by an IT department to connect to almost any server framework including; Citrix Receiver®, VMware Horizon View® and Microsoft RDS® client,as well as custom applications like VPN or browser.

Expert management

SecureDesktop is a modular addon that is provided with a enterprise device license for Fusion UEM management and configuration. Fusion UEM allows IT staff to easily manage and monitor endpoints powered by Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

Peace of mind

Fusion SecureDesktop's expert control provides a company’s management with peace of mind, knowing that the user cannot run any unauthorized applications that may pose a potential risk.

When homeworking is finished for the day

When you have done your work for the day, simply log out of the Fusion Secure Desktop application and your are immediately returned to your personal Windows desktop and applications.



We don’t believe in complex pricing. Fusion SecureDesktop has a low-cost, perpetual licence. One device, one licence.

Support and maintenance

For the first year, access to our world-class maintenance and support is included – and is optional thereafter.

Perpetual licences

All Fusion SecureDesktop licences are perpetual. There are no repeat licensing costs. You pay once and own the licence for the life of the device.

Fusion UEM licensing

Fusion UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) provides expert management of all Fusion SecureDesktop device installations.

Regional and volume pricing

Regional and volume pricing available. Contact us for more information.