Lenovo Terminal Manager

Lenovo Terminal Manager delivers simple, powerful and effective device management for Lenovo’s thin clients.

Lenovo Terminal Manager – built specifically for Lenovo’s thin client hardware

Making it easier than ever to manage a network of Lenovo thin clients – no matter how large – Lenovo Terminal Manager is included with Lenovo thin clients, free of cost. Lenovo Terminal Manager can be used to manage devices running both Windows (Windows 10 IoT) and Linux (LeTOS). LTM can also manage third-party thin clients with Win 10 IoT operating systems for which a separate LTM licence will need to be purchased.

Lenovo Terminal Manager



Lenovo Terminal Manager can quickly find Lenovo thin clients, using a comprehensive range of methods, including agentless discovery, DNS name, DHCP Scope Options, IP, Hostname, Network Range, UDP Broadcast – and more. If it’s on your network, Lenovo Terminal Manager will find it.


You need to know how your thin clients are performing, and Lenovo Terminal Manager’s built-in reporting makes it easy to find out. Lenovo Terminal Manager’s dashboards deliver a detailed insight into your organisation’s entire population of Lenovo thin clients. Comprehensive reports can be accessed as needed – and exported to Excel or PDF for analysis or presentation.

Device management

Lenovo Terminal Manager’s comprehensive device configuration and management capabilities deliver an outstanding level of control on a near-to or real-time basis – helping keep devices patched and up-to-date without fuss. Lenovo Terminal Manager can push out OS upgrades as easily as it handles software updates.

Power management

Lenovo Terminal Manager can drastically cut an organisation’s most significant IT cost – electrical power. Lenovo Terminal Manager enables organisations to manage Lenovo thin client device power consumption proactively – for example, by shutting down devices (or putting them into standby) when not needed – and then waking them, the next day, ready for use.

Task management

Lenovo Terminal Manager can manage devices, right across your LAN or WAN, with ease. Scheduled tasks from simple to complex can be defined and then deployed easily across one, a few, many or all devices. Tasks can be saved for reuse, scheduled if needed regularly and combined into sets for ease of deployment.

Remote control

Sometimes, IT support teams need to take control, so, remote control – using either VNC or RDP – comes as standard with Lenovo Terminal Manager. IT teams can fix problems, update configurations or even provide demonstrations to users.

OS platforms

Lenovo Terminal Manager supports Windows 10 IoT and LeTOS (Linux), for effective management of thin clients including Lenovo CloudDesktop devices. Highly scalable, Lenovo Terminal Manager can manage device populations of any size, from tens to tens of thousands of devices. LTM can also manage third-party thin client devices with Win 10 IoT operating system for which a separate LTM licence will need to be purchased.

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