Dr. Martens - Fusion UEM

Dr. Martens is an iconic British boot brand founded in 1960 in Northamptonshire. Nearly six decades later, “Docs” or “DMs” are worn by people around the world who use them as a symbol of empowerment and their own individual attitude.

Sector: Retail - Footwear

Dr. Martens has a total of 94 worldwide stores in key locations including 36 in the UK, 22 in USA, 11 in Japan and recently a relaunch in China. In the last 12 months up to 31 March 2018, group revenue was up 20% to £348.6m.

Business Challenge

Using remote mobile hardware and software technology to empower its hundreds of employees across its European retail store network, Dr. Martens faced a new challenge of achieving full remote control support of its end-point devices.
Employing ruggedized Cipherlab mobile data scanners to monitor and manage stock inventory between the retail and warehouse locations, VXL Software worked with CipherLab to find a solution. To date, its Fusion UEM is currently the only endpoint management solution to deliver full remote control of the CipherLab mobile scanning devices and in turn allow Dr. Martens IT team to quickly support employees and keep device downtime to a minimum. In addition, Fusion UEM was also employed to lockdown the devices to avoid accidental operator miss-use and ensure a reliable and productive user experience.

Key Success factors

Instrumental in the business win was VXL Software’s VAR partner, Ganedata. Together both companies worked closely with Dr. Marten’s IT department to ensure a seamless installation of Fusion UEM including the enrolment of CipherLab mobile data scanners, creation of regional group profiles and hosting in the Cloud.
Furthermore,  Dr Martens are now capable of remotely solving issues across Europe, in much less time, not only saving hundreds of hours per year but also allowing its IT department to provide the best possible support to its instore employees.
 “Working with VXL Software improved our productivity and efficiency,” said Rakesh Sandhu, Retail IT Delivery & Support Manager at Dr. Martens. “Our IT department used to receive many support calls, which were lengthy and frustrating to team members on both sides of the phone. Thanks to VXL Software’s Fusion UEM full remote control, we are able to solve device issues anywhere, in much less time, which will save hundreds of hours per year and allow our remote teams to provide the best possible support to our instore employees. Finding the right partners to both improve efficiency and provide was crucial to our business” he added.
What sets Fusion UEM apart is the fact that it’s a true unified endpoint management solution with the ability to manage both mobile (smartphones, tablets, PDAs, scanners) and desktop PCs and laptops.  Devices running Android, Windows 7 and 10 Professional, Windows Embedded 7, 8 and 10 IoT, Windows POS, iOS and MacOS operating systems can be all be managed from a dashboard console. Extremely easy to install and use, Fusion UEM is also competitively priced against comparable products and features a perpetual license solution with no monthly subscription.