DXC Technology - Fusion UDM Premium

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Sector: IT Services

The world’s leading independent IT services company, DXC Technology, realises cost savings, increased productivity and enhanced security with VXL’s Fusion endpoint management solution.

The Challenge

To deliver a more efficient management software solution that’s agile, productive and lower cost than the incumbent device management software.

The Solution

  • VXL Fusion Universal Device Manager (UDM) Premium
  • Lenovo Terminal Manager (LTM)

Goals and Objectives

  • Simplify endpoint management and improve manageability, flexibility and scalability
  • Eliminate security threats
  • Lower capital costs
  • Minimize deployment times of critical software patch updates

Instrumental in the business win was Fusion’s single interface console to manage, control and report on all enrolled devices. Prior to VXL’s Fusion, technicians had no facility to easily and quickly distribute software and updates, to simultaneously modify settings on any amount of end user devices, and also report on compliance of those devices.

This improvement was also echoed by DXC technology’s, Shawn Potter, BPS End User Compute Manager, who commented; “VXL’s Fusion can be up and running in a matter of hours. I can start from scratch at the beginning of the day, build a server in AWS (Amazon Web Services), take a laptop and put a Fusion agent on it, then by the end of the day, manage that device from anywhere.”

Key Sucess Factors

VXL’s Fusion, branded as LTM by Lenovo, allows my team to manage Lenovo endpoints in a highly efficient and cost effective manner, giving us more time to service our clients, which creates a more effective relationship for everyone involved” said Shawn Potter. 

“Not at any point in my twenty year IT career have I dealt with a software vendor that has supported my needs in a more timely and collaborative manner than VXL. More importantly,VXL’s willingness to customize the software in record time was also key. It’s this type of working relationship that has made the implementation of Fusion and Lenovo LTM a successful infrastructure within my division of DXC and will continue to grow and be successful in the years to come” added Potter.